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Places To Find Talented Custom Tattoo Designers

Even though there are millions of tattoo designs available over the internet, in magazines, and in books at the tattoo parlor, many people still think that a custom tattoo design reflects their preferences better in comparison to the designs originally made for someone else. There are a lot of talented custom tattoo designers who have the skill and the aptitude to understand a client's personality and interpret their personal ideas and preferences into tattoos.

Since clients opt for a custom tattoo design because it is a lot more meaningful to them, the tattoo artists must be sensitive to their feelings and create designs that live up to their expectations. This article shares some great tips to find that perfect tattoo designer to create the best tattoo as per the client's desire.

The first and the easiest way to find a designer is through a reference. If you know someone who has a tattoo that you like or can find someone who only gets tattoos that are designers especially for them. Talking to these people will not only help you find a skilled artist but it'll also allow you to inquire about the cleanliness at the tattoo studio, prices charged for a specific design, the after-care instructions provided by them, if they use fresh ink and needles for every customer getting a tattoo and the attitude of the artist towards the client's choice and inclination. People who are happy with their tattoos will be more than willing to do some advertising for the artist who tattooed them.

Another great way to find custom tattoo designers is to pick up some of the popular tattoo magazines. These magazines print the latest designs, designer's interviews and their contact information as well. You can look for designers located within your vicinity and pay them a visit to check if their rates suit your budget or not.

Another interesting way to find a custom tattoo designer is by organizing a tattoo design contest. The greatest advantage that these contests offer is that your choice is not limited to physical boundaries. In an online tattoo contest, designers form across the globe can participate and deliver quality designs to their clients spread across the world. Check out the winning designs of contests started by other tattoo enthusiasts and search for their designers.

After you've located the designer, find out if the artist is enthusiastic about creating the custom design and willing to do whatever work is needed to satisfy your wishes. Just because the artists has the talent to do other designs, be sure they are receptive to your wants before they pick up pen and paper or needles and ink to give you a permanent tattoo. Trust your instincts and if you get positive vibes about the artist and his ideas, go for that much awaited design to be tattooed on your skin for life.

Though custom tattoo design cost relatively more than the regular ones, they are always worth it because you get to wear a design that's unique, personal and is close to your heart because you got it made especially for yourself.




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Tribal Tattoo Designs - A History of the Tribal Tattoo

Samoans are actually the ones who offered us the word Tattoo it was once pronounced as tatau. Polynesian people were some of the first to be recorded and written about with their tribal tattoo designs. Males being darkly tattooed upon their chest and thighs, where the women of the tribes would be tattooed on their arms and neck.

The splendor of the tribal tattoo was too much for a few of the sailors who had their bodies adorned with the ink and brought that style back to the western world.

There is great debate on where they truly hailed from as many cultures have their own version of tribal tattooing.

From Africa who imparted their nature and wildlife into the dark tattoos. African tattoos specifically also were to let others know a specific individuals place in a tribe as well. As warriors would grow and learn they would be marked to let others know that they were not an elder yet, where elders would have beautiful intricate and very detailed tattoos not only for decoration but intimidation to others as well.

To Egypt and their worship of the sun god. Where royals were adorned with beautiful designs, but this seemed to be a female exclusive practice.The act of giving a tattoo in ancient times differs greatly from the practice today which has become much more refined. Usually a small wooden dowel would be used with a sharpened attachment, some think wood at first then bronze needles, and even later that several needles would be tethered together to achieve an even darker or more delicate design.

The pattern would be etched onto the skin and then the ink mixture would be rubbed onto the skin until it collected into the etched area. Some say that the black of tribal tattoos was made by mixing soot and breast milk together against the skin. As mentioned above for the Egyptians it was said to be a female practice. Some scholars believe that it was used to safe guard a pregnancy and birth.

Most of the evidence that was found of mummies was intricate bead and diamond designs on the stomach, and thighs so when a woman would be swollen with child the diamond shapes would expand with the mother.

Making a sort of net around her stomach to safe guard the growing child and the patterns on the thighs was devoted to a Goddess who watched over child baring women during their labor. One of the most compelling gestures in all of tribal tattoo history is that a resounding number of people from all over the world were tattooed in someway shape or form.

Meaning that they had not only intricate designs of their faith or religion but mainly and most often it was of wild life, animals and beasts of myth. Perhaps it was because they thought of these animals as spiritually impressive or that they somehow associated their personalities with the specific beasts.

How To Sell Your Custom Tattoo Designs?

There are a number of ways to sell your custom tattoo designs. The first would be to open your own shop and try to create your own business. Although this can be quite a rewarding proposition, but is really very difficult and time taking. Also, finding a place on rent, buying equipment and furniture, hiring employees and incurring numerous other expenses make it a relatively expensive proposal. Even if the money is available to open a shop, it takes time to build up enough client base to make enough money to get established.

You could be the best tattoo designer in the world but if you don't get enough business, you won't succeed. Offering custom designs would be one aspect of your business that could help, but all in all, opening your own business, especially in today's economy is risky.

You could launch your own website to offer your services as a tattoo designer offering standard and custom tattoo designs. You can build the website yourself, or have someone build it for you, and then you have to figure out how to drive customers to it. This is not nearly as expensive as the traditional store at a physical location, but somewhat equally risky. It will take time for customers to find you and build up a customer base and in the meantime, you may not be making a lot of money.

As a website owner, you would be required to monitor your site frequently to see if you've received any tattoo design orders and many times, the customer won't wait if you don't have a collection of designs readily available.

One of the best ways to sell your designs is to register with an existing business online as a tattoo designer. All the expenses are taken care of by them and you just have to set your own prices and hours of work. Customers are already driven to the sight, look through the designs or start a tattoo design contest and select the tattoo, or tattoos, they find the best.

Joining an existing website that has a decent collection of tattoo designs in various categories, custom tattoos, and that allows hosting design contests makes life easier for a designer in a lot of ways. One, they already have traffic and have a set up that makes is easy for the customers to order designs/ stencils from the site. All you have to do is put your designs online and get paid when a customer orders one of your tattoos.

If the customer is looking for a custom tattoo design, or has started a design contest, the designer will be working with the customer to create that unique tattoo that the customer wants. The website you're signed up with takes care of all the administration of the site, payment processing, and delivery of the designs. They make your job a lot easier and as a designer, you can spend all your time and effort in creating a design to the best of your abilities.

Overall, the best option is to join an existing business offering tattoo designers the option of creating an individual account and letting them do all the upkeep. This would be the best way to sell your designs to the clients across the globe.

Tips for Getting Custom Tattoo Designs

So, you've made the decision to get a custom tattoo. What do you do next? Call a tattoo shop? Search for custom tattoo designs online? Actually, you should do a little of both. Call and then visit your local tattoo shop and check it out and make sure that it is clean, hygienic, follows the latest techniques and is fully equipped with the best tattoo equipments. Take a look at the designs created by their artists to check if their skill matches your expectations. Also, speak to some of the tattoo enthusiasts who have got themselves inked from that very studio.

Once you are done with your local visit, check tattoo design websites to see what they have to offer in terms of styles and trends in tattoos. Most of the top sites have a group of talented tattoo designers who can provide you with some best designs. You can even start an online tattoo design contest where you invite tattoo artists to compete to provide you with the most creative custom tattoo design based on your tattoo idea and preferences.

It's critical that you know what you want in a tattoo design to be able to explain it to the designer. When going through the designs, or starting a tattoo design contest, you must have a clear picture of the design in your mind. Without absolute clarity, no tattoo designer will be able to provide you with the design that exactly matches your expectations.

The designers should have the idea about design, size of the tattoo, the color scheme, and the place on your body where you want the design to be tattooed. These choices determine how the tattoo designer designs your tattoo. For example; size of the custom tattoo design is important because there's only so much detail that can be put in a small place and over time it will have a tendency to blur. So the designer will match the size to the intended design.

Make sure you consider the implications of having a tattoo that's visible with respect to your work place policies. While some professions do not allow their employees to sport tattoos at workplace, there could be work place regulations that stop people from showing off their tattoos in the office. If this could be the case, consider getting a tattoo design that can be easily covered up at work.

Another important thing to keep in mind before you leave for the tattoo studio to get yourself inked is food. Yes, food! Make sure you've eaten relatively soon before your appointment so that you are comfortable and full. As a first timer, nerves can get the better of you and the amount of time it could take to get your tattoo finished could do all sorts of nasty things on an empty stomach. Don't risk the comfort because you're too nervous to eat and risk your blood sugar dropping dangerously low.

And, finally, make sure you follow the after-care tips after your tattoo is done. You spent a lot of time and money to get a custom design tattoo and not following your after-care would be foolish. Protect your tattoo from the sun for at least two weeks, avoid swimming in chlorinated water for some time and don't scratch the tattooed area.

If you follow these simple rules, and any other the tattoo shop tells you, you will have a nice looking tattoo which you'll be proud to wear in the years to come.

Tattoo Designs And Everything About Them

Tattoos are en vogue and they can be an excellent way to express your ideas and emotions. People use various tattoo designs to project moments of great joy in their life. Some people often get in touch with tattoo artists and create a good design to last for their lifetime. A lot of tattoos are based on some event that made a difference to the life of the individual. These events could be happy ones or a day of memory. Even tattoo artists work tirelessly for years to perfect their art and their skill. These artists are very passionate about art and depend on the best techniques to bring these designs to life.

Every nation has a distinct tradition of tattoo designs. The designers are well versed with current trends in the field of tattoo designs as well as their traditional heritage. Tattoos are not a new form of art; their roots can be traced back to more than a thousand years. The technique used to embed ink into the skin has not changed much in a thousand years. But the equipment used for the task has changed. Some primitive cultures that still exist around the world still use the older method of embedding ink in the skin to create a tattoo. Tattoos signify the wild spirit within people, and they can be used to bring out the inner rebel in the form of your designs.

Everyone has seen a tattoo at some point in their life and wished to wear one of their own. But the process of selecting a tattoo requires some analyses. It is not recommended to select any tattoo designs for their appearance. The best person to guide you is your artist. Looking at you physique and your skin tone, they can suggest the best designs for you. This is a great way to get the right tattoo to express your thoughts. A lot of tattoo designers use different techniques to create the best tattoo for their clients. The culture, the taste of the clients, the design and even the skin tone play a role in the equipment and the style used in the designing process.

Most of the inks that are used to create good tattoo designs are approved by the USFDA and need to be suitable for use on the human skin. The fact is that professional tattoo designers only use the latest innovations in design equipments. These equipment are combined with the ancient traditions to help the clients find a solution to their designs. Learning different styles from across tattoo cultures is essential for most professional designers.

Tattoo designs for Men are growing in style, diversity and quality in the market. You can also gift your loved one a tattoo session. Artists usually charge by the hour. Some artists charge by the design or the quality of the ink. Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can take more than a single session. Tattoo creation can also be a bit painful if you have sensitive skin. But the swelling would heal in no time and there are creams that you can use to ease the swelling of tattoo creation. The internet is the best place to find tattoo artists.

How To Get The Best Tattoo Designer For Your Next Tattoo

Most people who get tattooed say that they use their tattoos as a means to express their innermost feelings, and after they experience satisfaction in having their first tattoo, they feel forced to have more. Most of these tattoo enthusiasts are of the opinion that one should go for custom tattoo designs that are created by expert and experienced tattoo designers.

However, getting tattooed is a hobby that entails much consideration. Choosing your second or third tattoo is as equally challenging as was the very first tattoo. Besides, finding a tattoo designer that is right for you is also a difficult task. So, once you get on your way to your next tattoo design, start looking for the best designers in the industry.

This article provides some great tips on how you can find one of the most talented tattoo artists.

Word of mouth publicity: Often, the best tattoo artists are referred by friends who have previously been tattooed. If you are going for your next tattoo and you want a new designer, you could consult your 'tattoo enthusiast' friends, and take the feedback about designers who created tattoo designs for them. Having at least one good reference from a trustworthy friend can be reassuring.

Recent work and feedback: Like in any profession, you need to look into the track record of a designer. Check their recent work, and the feedback/ comments from their previous clients. An excellent track record reflects their proficiency in creating exceptional custom tattoo designs. Since it is not easy to quantify skills from written or oral feedback, you can browse through your prospective artist's catalog or online gallery to take a look at their designs and get a hint of their creativity and professional touch. This gives you an accurate idea of what they can actually produce.

Visit the shop: Almost all tattoo designers usually have a well-equipped tattoo shop that a prospective client can visit. One can check the state and quality of equipments that they use, and the tattooing techniques that they use to carry out their procedures. You can even view designs made by them on customers sitting in the studio and even talk to them about the services offered by the artists.

Typically, proficient tattoo artists use different tattoo techniques, and it's a good idea to watch a design being applied, if possible. There isn't a better way to check the expertise of a tattoo artist and the health safeguards they have in place.

Have a discussion with the artist: Asking questions makes things clear for both the client as well as the artist. Before making your final choice of artist, you may want to ask them about their previous tattoo experiences; how they learned this craft, and how have they improved on it. Also, you may need to look at how the end product compares with the original design. It should be exactly the same. This will be a measure of how proficient the artist really is.

Browse the internet: Finally, the internet is a great way to find the best tattoo artists. There are different ways to find them. Some tattoo artists have online tattoo shops where you can check their previous work, and you can also post notices about your need for a tattoo designer. However, the easiest and most popular way of finding the best designer is through an online tattoo contest. Online tattoo contests attract the best tattoo artists from all across the globe. Tattoo design contests have made it a lot easier to find the best tattoo designers. You just have to post the description of the tattoo design that you want and the rules of the contest and designers will start sending their designs.

Free Cool Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Are you searching for free cool tattoo design ideas for men or women? If you've searched for various tattoo ideas, you may have already wondered what makes a tattoo special and cool, and what on the other hand, makes a common average one?

The good news is, finding creative unique tattoo patterns can be a simple skill to gain. And in this free guide you are going to find a few helpful ideas and methods to help you find the coolest tattoo idea that matches you the most.

Top 3 Tips to Choose a Cool Unique Tattoo Idea

Whether you are looking for pattern ideas for men or women, there are similar ways to find trendy popular ideas for a cool design.

1. Take a Look at Your Favorite Celebrity Tattoos

Simply by checking out which patterns and designs your favorite admired celebrities have, you can gain access to a wide collection of free creative design ideas for your own tattoo.

As you know, celebrities are always under the spotlight. So they spend a lot of time and attention on choosing which tattoo looks the coolest. And you can use the fruit of their efforts to get some creative ideas for yourself.

You can simply do a simple search in Google to find the photo galleries of top celebrity tattoo designs - whether male or female.

2. See Which Tattoos Are Considered Cool in Your Social Group

We all like to be accepted and admired among our friends and within our social circle. So when choose a tattoo idea, it is helpful to look and ask around and see which styles are the most popular.

For example for men, sometimes a celtic tribal cross tattoo may be considered cool in one social group, while it may be considered too religious in another circle. So it is a wise idea to see which types of tattoos are cooler in your own circle.

3. Design Your Own Tattoo Idea

With a little bit of confidence and interest in making your own unique designs, you can simply make your own tattoo. This way not only you will be expressing a unique sense of yourself as a one-of-a-kind man or woman, but you can also mix and match different designs the way you like it.

For example if your zodiac sign is Aquarius, you can always mix that design with your favorite tattoo symbol. It could be a cross, butterfly, bird, or anything else.